The World od the Pharmaceutical Industry 3/2011 ENG

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6Maintaining a spore-free environment in the cleanroom
9Fast dissolution for hard and unmistakable tablets
12New solutions in FAIMS Technology
14Bet on the quality of the barcode
16Retrofitting Process Equipment Achieves Containment For A Range Of Manufacturing Operations
20Tabletting Vademecum
22Disintegrators – Disintegrant Substances Applied in Tablets Efficiency Test. Pt.III
Polish industry
31Edelmann Group
32Cold supply chain
34Contract Logistics for Healthcare Intelligent logistics in FIEGE
36IT Technologies in Care of Adherence to GDP Procedures
38Electronic management for pharmacy Identification of drugs in Europe – part IV
Reports, projects, plans
42Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and API sourcing – why not Central and Eastern Europe?
Conferences, fairs
443 Congress World of Pharmaceutical Industry