The World od the Pharmaceutical Industry 3/2009 ENG

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8Congress of the World of the Pharmaceutical Industry
13Strategic Implications of Packaging Choice in the Generic Sector
16Tablets Coatings – a historical review
20The design of a BMS
24PAT – how to achieve a good process?
28Qualifi cation Of Thermostatic Equipment In Pharmacy
30The Principle of Diversity
31Recirculation: Stop without any consequences
Polish industry
32A new subsidiary in Spain
33Pharmaceutical label – an example of product label evolution
34The privatization of Polfa Pabianice
36Patent protection of pharmaceutical inventions
37Euroregional Pharmacy Centrum
41Bioton i Bayer Schering Pharma in China
42Celon Pharma joins the best
47Extend the company’s factory in Ksawerów
Conferencess, fairs
50BioForum 2009
Reports, projects, plans
52Pharmaceutical biotechnology in Poland
54Report on the situation in the pharmaceuticals industry