The World od the Pharmaceutical Industry 1/2009 ENG

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5Tabletability of pharmaceuticals substances
12Packaging – so easy to say…
15Raman spectroscopy and its application in the pharmaceutical industry
20The role of thermoforming in creating competitive advantage
28Counterfeiting of medicinal products
30Application of LC/MS in cleaning validation
34The serach for high-performing excipients
40Initial batch control of pharmaceutical ingredients
43Validation of a sterilization tunnel
46The Principle of Diversity
47Recirculation: stop without any consequences
48SIMATIC IT Unilab – Siemens Solution for Laboratory – Information Management System
50Soft capsules – from a concept to a product
51Grasz o staż
52How promotion of OTC medicinal products affects patients’ purchasing decisions
55Adamed expands its product portfolio
56Can leaflets be understood by the layperson?
59A new laboratory
60Preclinical Toxicology Training
60Validation of Technological Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry
61Annual Registration Summit 2009
62Clinical Trials
62Initial Batch Control – New Regulations
63Drug invention: brainstorming is on and success will have many fathers
65Summary of medicinal product withdrawals in 2008
67Dermocosmetics in Central and Eastern Europe an expanding niche market